Osram's first LED using quantum-dot light conversion technology is available

Osram's first LED using quantum-dot light conversion technology is available

tenco 2019-05-28

Today, LED technology is a "relatively common" technology.It is hard to imagine where LED technology can achieve innovation and progress, and what kind of changes it can bring to society and life.However, for osram, an expert in the field of light, there is still a lot of room for the development of LED technology. The use of new light conversion technology can enable the LED to still present excellent effect under the high color rendering index.

Following significant research and development efforts, Osconiq S3030 QD is a new medium-power LED.This is osram's first LED using quantum-dot light conversion technology, specially developed for regional lighting and downlight applications, which can give lamps more efficient and excellent color rendering performance.

Osconiq S 3030 QD is osram's first LED based on quantum dot technology

What is a quantum dot?

Quantum Dot (QD) is a semiconductor particle of nanometer size. The size of QD particle determines the spectral color of the blue LED light when it shines on these nanoparticles.For example, QD particles around 3 nanometers in size produce green light, while those around 7 nanometers emit red light.This innovative tunable light conversion technology is now being used for the first time on Osconiq S 3030 QD medium power LED of Osconiq optoelectronics semiconductor, marking the first step towards a new LED component for the general lighting market.

For developers using conventional phosphors conversion technology, ensuring both high efficiency and high quality while maintaining a very high colour rendering index (CRI) is difficult to overcome.The biggest advantage of using nanoparticles is that existing LED manufacturing processes can be kept the same, and only traditional phosphors can be directly replaced by quantum dots in the application of conversion materials.However, due to the strict requirements on particle size and consistency of fluorescent powder of quantum dot technology, there are currently high technical thresholds in the industry, including materials, equipment, processes and patents.Osram owns the international patent of high-efficiency quantum dot phosphors, which is in the leading position in the field of this technology.

More than a year ago, osram acquired PLT, a leading company in the development and manufacture of high-performance optical nanomaterials.PLT of quantum dots make osram can begin to close the current CRI LED CRI LED the performance gap between 90 and 80, and its special packaging technology for the quantum dots can be reliably to control the LED device internal chip harsh operating conditions, and restore the encapsulated quantum dots from humidity and other most likely pose risks to the functional sex of the LED of the impact of external factors.

The birth of the new Osconiq S 3030 QD will revolutionize the use of indoor regional lighting (such as classrooms, offices, supermarkets, etc.). It will greatly improve the lighting efficiency of lamps with high color rendering index (CRI 90 +), thereby improving the situation that manufacturers have to sacrifice color rendering index due to the priority of light efficiency.In the future, more users can enjoy more comfortable and energy-saving lighting with high light efficiency and high color rendering index.

Osconiq S 3030 QD can be used for commercial lighting fixtures, ensuring superior performance even at high CRI levels.